Accidents and injuries affect people of all ages and severity.  As we age, accidents and injuries can become more common from simple tasks such as walking into our house or getting into the shower.  Recovering directly from the injury can take longer as we age but the fear of re-injury can inhibit our activities forever and lead to more injuries and health concerns.

In 2016, my dad had a fall while walking into his house from his garage.  This fall caused a laceration on the back of his head and sent him to the hospital where he was found to have a bleed on his brain resulting in him being transferred to the ICU and placed on a ventilator.  Thankfully, he fully recovered and went to in-patient rehabilitation and then home with home health.  He was making good progress walking with a cane during therapy.  He then continued his therapy in an outpatient setting.  He made steady progress in the clinic, but when he returned home, a different environment from where he was receiving care, his apprehension and fear of falling became overwhelming to him.  This resulted in increased fear of falling and reliance on his wheelchair instead of walking.  He was not home bound and could get out on his own, but he would use his wheelchair to move around instead of walking.  This started his decline in strength, balance, and mobility.


Physical Therapy is underutilized for many reasons and my dad is one of many who has failed to attain his maximal functional potential.  Improving access to physical therapy is one way to improve physical therapy outcomes.  Bringing the therapy to patients can improve the utilization and health of everyone.  As physical therapists we provide care to improve functional mobility/activities by decreasing pain, increasing range of motion and strength, improving transfers, balance, safety with walking, and home/work modifications to allow safe functional mobility/activity.  What better place to accomplish this than in the patient’s home or workplace? 

United Physical Therapy, P.C. was started to provide a more convenient, cost effective, and functional therapy to patients in their own environment.  Improved therapy utilization improves the health and safety for everyone.  Accidents, injuries, and aging happen but does not have to decrease your functional capacity. 


The mission of United Physical Therapy is to be the provider of high-quality care in a convenient location for our patients.



The vision of United Physical Therapy is to be the provider and employer of choice for patients and therapy professionals.



The goals of the United Physical Therapy are:

  1. To assist the patient in gaining optimum health.

  2. Assisting the patient in preserving and elevating their functional capacity.

  3. To provide appropriate, productive, efficient, and convenient care in a respectful and caring manner.    


Areas currently served:


  • Morgan County

  • Limestone County

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