We Bring the Therapy to You


A person can be well medically and sick functionally. United Physical Therapy will take a referring provider’s referral and improve the person’s functional well-being. 

United Physical Therapy fully assess the patient, the home environment, and the caregiver’s circumstances.  We then provide excellent care that is customized for each patient based on the therapist’s examination/assessment, guided by evidence, practice standards and patient goals.


General Practitioners

People do not have to have a nursing need or be homebound to access physical therapy in the home setting. United Physical Therapy provides care in the home individualized to each patient and aggressively applies current practice standards to optimize function and quality of life while improving safety and reducing risk of hospitalization and falls.


People living with progressive neurological disorders, for example Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and dementia, require physical therapy interventions throughout their lives to maximize their functional living. Those with chronic conditions, including strokes, still benefit from physical therapy addressing motor learning, task-specific training, and compensatory strategies months to years after onset.


People living with respiratory disorders require physical therapy to optimally treat each patient’s needs.  United Physical Therapy treats the whole patient while monitoring their physiological responses to ensure patient health and safety.


People living with cardiovascular disease are at risk of poor health outcomes, hospitalization, and less likely to age in place. United Physical Therapy can improve patient outcomes in their homes.  We monitor patient responses to ensure patient health and safety.   


Many adults are dealing with painful joints such as shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles that are limiting or stopping them from enjoying their typical activities.  They are opting for orthopedic surgeries such as total hip and knee replacements for pain free movement. Healthcare is constantly looking to improve quality outcomes that are cost effective. Decreasing hospital stays after total joint surgeries and performing some total knee surgeries in outpatient facilities are ways to decrease the cost while also returning patients home sooner.  United Physical Therapy provides outpatient physical therapy in the patient’s home/work environment focused on improving patient outcomes in a more functional, convenient, and cost-effective manner.     

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